Dental practices and traveling specialists are both able to benefit from working together. When a dental practice decides to use the services of a traveling specialist they are able to keep their patients in-house. This is not only preferable for their patients since they tend to feel safer and more comfortable having any specialty services done in a familiar place, it is also going to lead to an increase in revenue.


This increase in revenue allows the general dentist to take a day off every now and then, which is helpful when it comes to reducing stress. This revenue increase also comes without an increase in overhead since we provide complete operational and clinical support to our offices.


Our model allows you to increase your revenue without increasing overhead, even when you are out of the office.  Take the day off or work side by side with us.  Either way its a win-win!

Keep Patients happy and improve overall communication

Patients prefer to stay in the office for specialty procedures where they know the office and the team.  They are more comfortable in a familiar setting, especially if you are there.  This set up provides the opportunity for enhanced communication between the specialist, the general dentist and the patient.  This makes for a better overall experience for everyone.



When a general dentist determines that a patient is in need of dental implants, a periodontist is often necessary for proper installation. All-on-4® cases are a popular choice to replace missing teeth, and it is much easier doing this side by side with a specialist right in your own office.


If a dental practice does not have an in-house team in place that can address a patient’s full mouth rehab needs, they will greatly benefit from working with a traveling dental specialist.



Not only do we provide all periodontal services, Dr. Reyes also does all third molar extractions. This allows more procedures to stay in-house, and makes it easy to fill his schedule with a combination of periodontal and oral surgery procedures.

DENTAL CONSULting services

Our operations is led by a Dental Consultant who has over 20 years of in-office consulting experience. If desired, we can assist in the restructuring that can help your practice reach its true potential. We accomplish this by performing the necessary research that will allow us to provide a proper analysis. We can help a dental practice to:

·         Increase overall productivity

·         Increase case acceptance

·         Increase revenue


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